The heatwave in the NYC area was too real!  Trying to pick out outfits was a real struggle but this skort  from Express (yes there are shorts underneath) was perfect.  The light and flowy material made the super hot day bearable while still looking cute.  I paired it with a white crop top from Asos and this cute statement necklace from Express.  The necklace may have been a little too much for a day of just walking around but hey I love a good statement necklace.  Besides there are no rules when it comes to fashion, right?  Lol

It was too damn hot to be dragging around my every day purse so I opted for this Michael Kors crossbody.  I love the vibrant blue color and I thought it went well with the blue theme of the outfit. Since there was already too much going on with the outfit, I wanted to keep the shoes simple decided on these Steven Madden lace ups.

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Enjoying Your Own Company

After being stuck at work all weekend, I really wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day outside.  I don’t really have close friends and since my job has me working an odd schedule, I always find myself off from work on certain days during the week but with nothing to do and no one to hang out with.  It doesn’t help that I have not been feeling like myself lately.  I can’t help but feel like I am in rut.  I am two years away from turning 30 and am nowhere near where I thought I would be in life.  I am stuck in a career that I do not like and stuck in the same neighborhood I am so desperately trying to move out of.

Now any other day, I would have sat in bed contemplating what to do on my day off.  Going into the city always seems tempting but then I start thinking about the hassle of walking to the subway (which is quite a walk from where I live) and having to put up with crowded trains, the pushing and shoving and anxiety immediately takes over.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am a city girl who grew up getting from point A to point B on the good ole’ MTA but the older I get, the lower my threshold of things I can put up with on public transportation gets.  So I usually just end up hopping on a bus that takes me to a shopping center about 15 minutes away.  At this point I am there so frequently that workers from various stores already recognize me.  I must admit it is kind of embarrassing.

So today I was determined to do something different.  I got up early, showered, got dressed and was out the door by 10am.  As much as I dislike taking the subway, I got on the train and went all the way downtown to the Soho area.  I have some events coming up and thought that would be the perfect place to get some shopping done.  Once I was finished with shopping, I was about to go to the Starbucks I always go to when I am in that area ( I am definitely a creature of habit), but then decided I would like to try something new.  I went on Yelp and looked up cafes in the area and came across a place called Two Hands.  The reviews were great and everyone was raving about their avocado toast.  So off I went to find the cute, little café.  IMG_0516IMG_0519IMG_0520


I had the avocado toast and iced latte and am so glad I did! I meant to take a picture of the food, but I was starving and it looked so good I started eating immediately.  It was my first time going out to eat alone and I was super nervous but once I was seated I realized there was a girl around my age that was there alone as well. We actually had a very nice conversation.  This was kind of a big deal for me because I am an introvert.  I am really shy around people I do not know so I have a hard time meeting people.


Once I was finished eating, I decided to walk Uptown towards Union Square. I checked out some stores in the area and ended up buying a few things from Express, Zara, and Forever21. I decided to snap some pics as I was walking so I am sure some people thought I was a tourist haha.


It amazes me that I have lived here all my life and yet there is so much I do not know about the city.


This was my OOTD. Not very glamourous but I was not really in the mood to dress up. I was just happy to be off from work. I wanted to be comfortable so I went with a white tank, jeans, and kimono (all from Express).

It was a great day.  It was one of the few times I really enjoyed my own company.  It felt good to step outside of my comfort zone.

What have you guys done recently to step outside of your comfort zones?

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Back At It Again With the Long Vest

The temperature cooled down just a tad bit for us here in the NYC area.  I felt like it was the perfect weather to bring back this long sleeveless vest I featured in my Instagram for Mother’s Day.  I love how it glams up any outfit I wear it with effortlessly.  I liked the combination of the all black outfit and the olive color of the vest.

Now I have to admit, my favorite part of my outfit are my shoes! I had been lusting over these Sam Edelman Yates sandals for over a year but could never bring myself to spend that amount of money on a pair of shoes.  I was browsing on Hautelook several months ago and to my surprise they were selling them for a very good deal.  I love how great the sandals look paired up with the red purse (which I also got from Hautelook!) Hautelook is one of my favorite sites to shop.  You can find great stuff at amazing discounted prices so if you guys have not checked them out I suggest you do! I am not being sponsored to say this by the way.

Vest: Zara

Shirt: Forever21

Jeans: Fashionnova

Shoes: Sam Edelman Yates (purchased on Hautelook)

Purse: Vince Camuto (purchased on Hautelook)

Necklace: Express

IMG_0378IMG_0379IMG_0382IMG_0408IMG_0420 (1)IMG_0425 (1)IMG_0434 (1)IMG_0501IMG_0500IMG_0482IMG_0483IMG_0497IMG_0495IMG_0494IMG_0499IMG_0496

Spring Has Sprung!

The weather has finally warmed up in NYC!

I had the day off from work and wanted to soak up the warm weather.  I met up with my cousin and headed downtown.  We walked around Union Square and even more downtown near the Washington Square Park area.  Days like this I really feel blessed to live in such a beautiful, lively city.

My day to day style is all about comfy chic and I think my outfit nailed it. The sweater I was wearing is the perfect spring staple.  It is warm enough for the cool spring days but light enough for the warm afternoons.  I actually own this sweater in beige and black as well.

The heels were definitely my favorite part of the outfit.  I got these nude, caged heels from Aldos and am so happy with my purchase.  The color is the perfect nude for me and it is something I can wear with pretty much anything.  The shoes are actually very comfortable to walk in which makes them even better.  I know I will be living in these all spring and summer.   What are your spring must haves?

FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)IMG_0070IMG_0090IMG_0092IMG_0096IMG_0109IMG_0115IMG_0118IMG_0122IMG_0136IMG_0144IMG_0153


Similar Style Sweater


Fall Wishlist

Try as I might, I can’t deny that the fall season is fast approaching.  Here in the NYC area, we are already feeling that chill in the air.  Summer is most definitely my favorite season.  But there is just something about fall fashion that gets me.  The comfy scarves, boots and the layering ahhhhh. So to try and combat the end of summer blues, I have been browsing a few of my favorite websites to see what I can add to my fall wardrobe.


Because fall isn’t fall without plaid.  I found this cute shirt on the Nordstrom website and the detail just caught my eye.  This is a cute way to incorporate plaid into your outfits without feeling like a farmer. _10671530

Cape Jacket

I don’t know about you guys, but once the chilly season sets in I get sucked into the leather jacket rut. Now a leather jacket is a staple, classic piece but I want to make it a goal to step out of my outerwear comfort zone.  I have seen pictures of outfits with capes and I must admit I like the clean, sleek look it adds to an outfit.  While doing my research I came across a lot of cute ones but with not so cute price tags.  I just can’t justify spending more than $100 on something that I don’t even know if it will look good on me.  Thankfully, I found this really cute one on the website for only $30! azz01064_camel_t

Add Mustard to the Mix

How cute are these pumps from Steve Madden?  Mustard is definitely a color I want to rock this fall season.  It’s such a beautiful color especially paired with jewel tones.  I can’t help and think about Thanksgiving when I look at these.  No? Just me? STESSY_67_RG_160


I can’t belive I just said the “J” word.  Girl I know, we’ve have tried so long to convince people we don’t need uncomfortable jeans because leggings ARE pants.  But come on who are we kidding.  I am not going to lie, I will chose leggings over jeans any day.  However, a good pair of jeans is a must.  These jeans from caught my attention because of their description.  They are called the “Shape Up Seamless Jeans”.  According to the website they are “constructed with innovative Shape-Lift Technology”.  Since I can’t afford a Brazilian Butt Lift I guess these will have to do.  Can’t wait to get them in the mail….guessWhat are some of the items on your Fall wishlist?


Denim on denim has got to be one of my favorite outfit combos.  Pair with a bright lip and leopard clutch and you got yourself a winner in my book.  This outfit was comfy enough for an afternoon stroll in the park, yet chic enough for happy hour right after.

Let us not forget about these Steve Madden lace up sandals.  Perfect way to add a little something to your outfits whether it be shorts or dresses.  The color makes it easy to pair with basically anything.  Definitely will try to get more use out of them before the cold weather arrives.